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This is for you if you feel stagnated in your career path, you are hungry for more and you dream about a career change. I’m interviewing Sophie Clyde-Smith – aka the Modern Career Coach – about manifesting a mission full of soul fulfilment, developing side hustles, creating positive change through the work you do + transitioning your career path. If you’re looking to create a career in alignment with your passions, values + beliefs (but not sure where to begin) then this episode will be music to your ears!

The organic evolution of Sophie’s business over the last 12 months will really inspire you – Sophie honestly shares about how developed the confidence to make the leap herself, how she finally made those niggling changes + what challenges she faced on that pathway. Some of the biggest challenges we discuss are self-confidence, perfectionism and fear, which are all driven by self-limiting beliefs (29:10). This podcast will help you start identifying your own personal values, trusting in yourself and overcoming the fears so you unleash your own magic and find true fulfilment.

Sophie’s fulfilment has come from leaving the low-level anxiety behind, embracing flexibility and being authentic in her work because it is based on her passions and her beliefs. If you identify with any of these thoughts and challenges, then this podcast is a must for you.

Highlights include:

  • Making change is hard. You must shine the light inwards + reflect on your beliefs, find your personal values, discover your motivations + identify your strengths. Defining these aspects helps you make aligned choices + manifest the positive changes you seek.
  • Why TRUST is a major part of finding your purpose. It takes time and commitment. Purpose is cultivated over time because it evolves. It will change as you change. You don’t have to have everything perfectly mapped out right now. Trust in the process and in your beliefs to guide you on the right path.
  • Change will always create some anxiety and fear. Sophie candidly shares her experiences of this + the self- acceptance you must embrace during the process. Consistent commitment to taking action – even when it scares you – will make the difference. Ask yourself, what is the cost of inaction? What if you don’t make the change? She provides some valuable exercises for overcoming those fears.
  • “Action is the best antidote to fear.” (38:00)
  • “My fulfilment has come from the freedom of being the captain of my own ship.” (35:00)
  • “Perfectionism is often driven by limiting beliefs, it’s a symptom of not feeling good enough or capable enough.”(29:00)
  • List of recommended books (54:50)