Are you ready to make money doing work that you love, in a way that you love?

I serve women with a deep desire to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams.

Partnering with them, I passionately focus on helping them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to level up, I am here to help you step into your full potential, to shine, show up, to move closer to alignment and build a thriving business.


I coach female Solopreneurs who:

Are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey and want help to SET UP. 

Are further along in their entrepreneurial journey with a business at least 6 months old that want to STEP UP. 

Are managing motherhood and solopreneurship and are looking for help in their business.

My clients are motivated, determined, passionate and committed.
They have a desire to truly help others through their business –  they are driven by a mission.
They are ready to step up, take action, invest and create the change.
They have a desire to build a fulfilling, engaging, sustainable and joyful business. 

Does this sound like you? 



You are a beautiful, unique individual with your own dreams and own challenges. With four+ years of experience coaching hundreds of women, I have however started to notice some patterns when it comes to coaching female solopreneurs. On the mindset side, I have noticed that some female solopreneurs;

Set ego-based goals from fear,  lack and insecurity.

Are filled with self-doubt and comparison. 

Are disconnected from their intuition and inner compass. 

Find their confidence and self-belief is wavering. 

Cannot find clarity to move forward. 

Do not have abundant financial beliefs. 

On the business & strategy side, I have noticed that some female solopreneurs:

Lack strategy and a plan, they do not have focussed goals connected to their vision.

Are struggling with marketing basics. 

Do not like to ‘sell’ and struggle with putting themselves out there.

Don't have enough TIME - struggle with productivity and efficiency.

Are overworking yet not getting the results they desire.

Often feel overwhelmed with their work, don’t know where to start and feel stuck. 

Take a moment to really read through the above challenges – which ones resonate with you? How are these challenges impacting your life and business?

I work with women and help them tap into their innate power and to overcome the challenges listed above. I am so deeply passionate about this because I have been on this transformational journey myself.
You don’t need an MBA or 10 years of experience to have success in your business. The incredible modern world of entrepreneurship has shown us this.

What you need is a strong foundation of an abundant mindset and business strategy – both of which can be learned, honed and developed. 

You, yes YOU, are the one with big ideas. You have creativity. It’s your business, your baby and you have what it takes – my job is to help you build the courage and strength to realise this. 

To start believing in yourself so much that you end up taking ALIGNED action and manifest and create the life and business you truly, deep down, know is waiting for you.


From business basics to money mindset, we’ll cover everything you need to be ready to launch a thriving business


For established solopreneurs ready to expand their vision, grow their business and transform their mindset.


High-energy power hour to get clear on your vision, goals and actions.


Expect visualisations, transformational mindset support and a whole lot of clarity.


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Still not sure? If you aren’t sure which programme is best for you or you want to discuss something bespoke please book a call with me! 




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