1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to make money doing work that you love?

I serve women with a deep desire to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams.

Partnering with them, I passionately focus on helping them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to level up, I am here to help you step into your full potential, to shine, show up, to move closer to alignment and build a thriving business.


You are at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. 

You are side-hustling but want to take the next step. 

You are a fully-fledged female solopreneur working on your business. 

Whatever your situation, what you all have in common is the desire for change.
The desire to build and develop your business.
The desire to work in a way that suits you, not others.
The desire to build a fulfilling, engaging, sustainable and joyful business. 

Does the thought of this excite you?



You are a beautiful, unique individual with your own dreams and own challenges. Having worked in coaching for over four years, I have however started to notice some patterns when it comes to coaching female solopreneurs.On the mindset side, I have noticed that female solopreneurs;

Are playing too small. 

Are filled with self-doubt and comparison. 

Are disconnected from their intuition and inner compass. 

Find their confidence and self-belief is wavering. 

Cannot find clarity to move forward. 

Do not have abundant financial beliefs. 

On the business side, I have noticed that female solopreneurs:

Lack strategy and a plan, they do not have focussed goals connected to their vision.

Are struggling with marketing basics. 

Do not like to ‘sell’ and struggle with putting themselves out there.

Don't have enough TIME - struggle with productivity and efficiency.

Are overworking yet not getting the results they desire.

Often feel overwhelmed with their work, don’t know where to start and feel stuck. 

I work with women to help them tap into their innate power and to overcome the challenges listed above. You don’t need an MBA or 10 years of experience to have success in your business. The incredible modern world of entrepreneurship has shown us this. 

What you need is a strong foundation of an abundant mindset and business strategy – both of which can be learned, honed and developed. 

You, yes YOU, are the one with big ideas. You have creativity. It’s your business, your idea and you have what it takes – my job is to help you build the courage and strength to realise this. 

To start believing in yourself so much that you end up taking ALIGNED action and manifest and create the life and business you truly, deep down, know is waiting for you.


Transform your money mindset; increase your prices, value yourself, learn your worth and set & reach abundant financial goals.  We will transform your deep-set beliefs and bring awareness to your actions helping you to make great money doing work that you love!!

To shine and attract your ideal clients; you will learn how to love marketing, develop a sound strategy, understand how to authentically promote your services, sell with passion and work with amazing clients. 

Build authentic goals connected to your vision; gaining clarity on where you're heading and what you truly desire is everything. This will help us to build connected goals that will help you create a daily action plan that is achievable and gets you moving forward. 

Maximise your time and organisation skills; shifting your perspective on what time even is in your business and how to use it is TRANSFORMATIVE. You will stop the people-pleasing, set boundaries and learn how to grow your business in a way that works for you. 

To build a strong powerful MINDSET; at the core and foundation of everything in business is your mindset. You NEED an abundant mindset in order to enjoy and achieve success in your business. Think - confidence, positivity, opportunity, growth and joy. 

To tap into your innate power and intuition; you are the expert in your business, no one else. You have the fire and creativity inside of you that got you this far. My coaching helps women to reconnect with their inner compass and to learn how to trust their instincts and decisions making skills.

Lets's work together!3-month 1:1 coaching programme details:

Kickstart your program with a 90 minute intensive strategy session to define goals and create a tailored road map for our journey together.

Twice a month 60-minute private 1:1 sessions plus the regular 90-minute intensives throughout your programme.

Follow up actions confirmed after every session and accountability plan agreed. Notes and tailored follow up resources shared after each session.

FULL access to me! Messaging and email access support in between sessions to support ongoing growth and discovery. You have this access as soon as you sign up.

**LIMITED TIME ONLY SPECIAL OFFER**3 MONTH PROGRAM: Sessions twice a month£2,375 (normally £2,500 - 5% discount)6 sessions in total3 x 90 minute intensivesMonthly payment plan available: only £749 per month3 MONTH PROGRAM: Weekly sessions £4.050 (normally £4,500 - 10% discount)12 sessions in total4x  90 minute intensivesMonthly payment plan available: only £1.350 per month

Take the first step




2-hour one-off deep dive to focus in on an area of your choice e.g. money mindset, selling, clarity, getting unstuck, confidence, ideas & brainstorming session etc.
Follow up email/ messaging access for 2 weeks.
Follow up notes and actions confirmed.

Investment: £395 one-off payment



2-hour deep dive
30-minute follow up within 2 weeks
Strategic vision, goals and planning session for the next 90-days
Create a detailed action plan and have clarity!

Investment: £449 one-off investment


Case Studies

Claudia Criswell Nutrition – Nutritional Therapist 
Coaching programme focussed on self-belief, money mindset, time-management and marketing. 

Claudia came to me needing help. Her nutritional therapy business was just over 1 years old and she was doing well. She, however, was lacking in self-belief and confidence, she was undercharging, she had no idea where she was taking the business or what she wanted, she hated marketing herself and she was working super long hours.

Together we worked to transform her money mindset, build self-belief, gain clarity on goals and priorities what was most important to her.

RESULTS: Claudia learner to value herself and her services which led to her increasing her prices and transforming the WAY she provided her service.  She also identified her ideal client and we worked together to help her market herself through Instagram and other channels to attract this client in. We also set exciting authentic financial goals and personal goals around how she was going to spend her time. These goals informed the action plan we were able to build together which informed the day to day activities that Claudia committed to. She learned how to be more strategic and effective with her time which ended up actually saving her time. She started finishing work at 6.30pm (which she hadn’t done in months), was looking after her self and was building a thriving business.