1:1 Coaching Power Hour

If you could focus on one area of your business right now that would help you leap forward, what would that be?

How would it feel to work through that?

Whether you’re just starting out as a female solopreneur or your business is established, sometimes you need an injection of energy, strategy, love and/or support to get you unstuck. 

A deep dive power hour is for you if: 

You’re working on something exciting but you just cannot see the way forward.

Your head is cloudy and foggy and you cannot figure out how to get moving!

You need someone qualified and experienced in business to bounce ideas off, strategise and formulate a plan. 

You need to have a hit of self-belief and confidence to silence the doubts and get out of your own way. 

You want to gain clarity on a specific area in your business e.g. niche, ideal audience, marketing launch, sales strategy, financial health.

It’s time to get unstuck and take action!

A power hour with me will help you to:

Whether it’s money mindset, confidence, self-belief, self-worth, alignment, authenticity, connection or purpose – this power hour will provide you with the tools to get unstuck and create a mindset that will serve your big beautiful goals.

Whether you need a high energy brainstorming session, to break down a project, a business model audit and upgrade, to reconnect to your niche and ideal customer or any other strategic support a power hour with me will get you moving in the right direction.


What will you get from your power hour?

Whilst this service is called a power hour, it is so much more than that.
It’s hard to put a price on clarity, energy and momentum in your business. And this is what this service gives you.
It gives you that hit/ injection/ kick up the bum/ loving hug that creates those special feelings in our body of connection, sparkle, high energy, excitement, drive, focus, determination and motivation.
As solopreneurs, we have to wear ALL the hats. And do you know what, sometimes it’s bloody lonely and it’s hard.
Having this intensive session with me will help remind you of what you’re doing and why. Yes we will focus on the subject of your choosing (within the parameters of my expertise) but we will also explore your mindset, emotions and energy.
With my holistic approach and strengths in being able to see your biggest picture, this power hour will truly help get you back on track.

What is included in your power hour?

60-minute 1:1 coaching session.

Detailed notes and follow up action plan. 

1 week of follow up support. 

Your Power Hour with me is an investment of £225.


Why me?

As a female solopreneur myself, I truly get it. I’ve worked for myself, on my own, for nearly 4 years now.

  • I’ve had days where I’ve been so filled with self-doubt that I’ve not been able to sit at my desk and do anything.
  • I’ve had serious periods of procrastination where I’ve drank more cups of tea than is humanly possible – anything to avoid doing work.
  • I’ve self-sabotaged and sat in my email inbox all week getting my inbox down to zero emails instead of working on the new project that will move my business forward but that scares me. 

I have invested thousands of pounds in myself and my business to help me overcome these challenges through mentorship, self-development and coaching. 

Whilst we’ve chosen to be solopreneurs, we don’t actually have to do it alone. 

I am passionate about supporting other solopreneurs and offer these power hours with the purpose of helping you to move forward. It’s all about getting unstuck, taking action and moving your businesses forward. 

What happens when I book?


When you book by clicking the button on this page, you will choose a time and also complete a pre-coaching Q&A.  


I will receive your booking notification and will respond within 48-hours confirming our session sharing any other relevant information. 


We’ll have our high energy power hour together. During this session, I take detailed notes and we decide on a plan of action for your next steps. 


After the session, I will share these notes and you will have email access to me for follow up questions/ support for 1 week.



Can I book more than one power hour?
Nope, sorry. Power hour’s are one-off deep dives to get you unstuck on a specific subject. If you want ongoing support, please check out a range of other services that could be better suited to your needs. The Make It Happen Membership is a great way to have ongoing support at a lower price point. 

Still got a question?
Feel free to drop me an email and I will answer any further questions: [email protected]



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