About Sophie

Hi, I’m Sophie Clyde-Smith, Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs.

I currently split my time between Jersey and London- living that flexible self-employed life. Transformational Life Coaching Diploma (ICF accredited), a Degree in Biomedical Sciences, 4 years experience as a coach and over 2 years as a Solopreneur.

Yes, I’ve got a fulfilling career… but I’ve also had an unfulfilling career. I’ve had a side-hustle, done the corporate thing, been a part-time consultant, had a bridging job, transitioned industries – twice – and have now set up my own business, all before the age of 30.

I have built a career and lifestyle focused on my strengths, passions, curiosities, personal preferences and my core values.

I didn’t however always know what I wanted to do… I wasn’t one of those people who had a calling from day dot.

In fact, after completing my university degree I was completely and utterly lost and fell into the recruitment world. For the next 4 years I worked closely with hiring managers and heads of departments, predominantly in the financial services industry, to help them build their teams.

But I came to realise that whilst I enjoyed my job, I wasn’t recruiting in an area I was personally passionate about. What really lit me up, and was where I spent all my time out of work, my 5pm – 9pm, was health and wellness.

So I packed my bags and headed to the city of opportunity… London.


I decided to get a bridging job to support myself financially and provide the space to gather my thoughts. Whilst I was doing this, I developed and cultivated a relationship with my soon to be new employer – Welltodo, a digital wellness startup whose mission was to help people build incredible businesses and careers in the wellness space.

After doing some part-time consulting work for Welltodo for a few months, on top of my full-time role, I finally got myself in a position where they offered me a permanent job as a full-time employee.


I strategically picked up the skill set from my recruitment career and applied it to a new industry, one that I was truly passionate about – wellness. I took a risk in joining this company, that only had 3 other employees, in a role that was unclear. But I seized the chance and threw myself in. I was surrounded by entrepreneurs, by like-minded people, by fledgling start-ups and people with a passion for helping improve the lives of others.

I was also surrounded by Coaches (even my boss was one!) and so I was introduced to the idea of being a coach myself. Without realising it, through my recruitment experience, I had been honing the skills that would form the foundation of my skills as a Careers Coach.

2 years in to this role and having completed a Transformational Life Coaching Diploma, I finally had the realisation that I had found my calling, that this was what I was meant to do…


Whilst I truly LOVED my job and had spent an incredible 18 months gaining a reputation as an expert in helping people transition their careers into the wellness industry, coaching only made up 30% of my role. I was not prepared to settle. I would not settle for a life of passionately loving only 30% of what would make up one third of my entire life.

So began my own career transition into another new industry. I side hustled for a number of months coaching people in my evenings and on the weekends, waiting for the right time to fully make the leap. (Just as a side note – there is never a ‘right time’!)


I was not born an entrepreneur…I think that much is obvious.

In fact, until a couple years ago I actively resisted the concept of being one. I had convinced myself that it wasn’t for me… I didn’t have the confidence to own a business, I didn’t have the focus, I didn’t want the responsibility, I wasn’t good enough, I was too scared…

Yet, something deep inside kept showing up. I was jealous of others who owned their own business, I envied those who had quit the 9am – 5pm and forged out an alternative career path.

And after spending a LOT of time on self-reflection, personal growth and development, I finally realised that I do have what it takes, I did want it, I was able, I was good enough.

I have been on a 10-year journey in finding my purpose and have carved out a hugely fulfilling new life for myself. I am self-employed, I enjoy flexible remote working and I have a varied and challenging job. I get to walk my dog whenever I like and am no longer a slave to the commute.

Sophie Clyde-Smith

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all flowers and rainbows but what gets me through the tough times is the knowledge that I’m making my own decisions and am travelling down a path of my choosing.

I am now dedicated to the cause of helping others shortcut their search for a fulfilling career and to support them in cultivating a life on their own terms. A life where they’re in control and get to call the shots.

I’ve been there, I’ve done it and I continue to do it. At every step of both my personal journey and professional development I have taken note of what worked and what didn’t work. It’s been my job for the past decade to model others and interview people about how they have succesfully navigated their careers.

I now have a tried and tested framework to speed up the process of finding a fulfilling career and I want to share it with you.