Ready to launch or grow your mission-led online business?

You’re a passionate, determined and motivated solopreneur. You have dreams of creating a business that deeply helps others whilst also giving you the life you desire. You’re ready to take the action and experience the transformation…But, you’re lacking direction, self-belief and you don’t know HOW to achieve what you want.So where to start? It all comes down to MINDSET & STRATEGY. I have created this powerful guide that will help you create an authentic vision & action plan for your mission-led business ✨Get ready to visualise your future, gain clarity on your goals and have practical tools to make sure you achieve them. 


Hi I’m Sophie.

Business Coach & Mentor for female Solopreneurs.

I’m a Solopreneur myself with an online business and passionate cheerleader & support to other female Solopreneurs. 

When I was working in my corporate, traditional career, I started to imagine a different way of life. Of freedom, flexibility, entrepreneurship, of fulfilling my potential, breaking the mould, doing work that mattered and doing something different, something exciting.

So I got to work. I side-hustled. I did the inner work. I took risks. I quit my job. I invested – emotionally and financially. I went all in. I embraced Solopreneurship. 

And I continue to grow, uplevel and expand my business.

Now I have created that life and business, and I have experienced the positive impacts it has had on my life, relationships, mental health, physical health, spiritual health and overall wellbeing. 

It is my mission to help other women do the same.

I help women to create authentic lives of alignment, where they’re using their unique talents and beliefs for the greater good. Where they get to choose how and when they work, and who with.

Do you want to create an authentic business you LOVE that provides you with freedom, fulfilment, flexibility and financial abundance?

Let’s do this together, let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN. 


From business basics to money mindset, we’ll cover everything you need to be ready to launch a thriving business.


For established solopreneurs ready to expand their vision, grow their business and transform their mindset.


High-energy power hour to get clear on your vision, goals and actions.


Expect visualisations, transformational mindset support and a whole lot of clarity.



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