Transformational business coaching & mentoring programmes for female solopreneurs ready to STEP UP, grow themselves and grow their businesses.

Does any of this sound familiar?

So you’re a female solopreneur with a business that’s at least a year old. You’re GREAT at what you do (even if you need reminding of this every now and then) but your business isn’t where you want it to be.

Maybe you’re being plagued by self-doubt and low confidence which makes you second guess all your decisions? 

Maybe your fears (fear of failure and/or of what others think) are controlling you and stopping you from taking action?

Maybe you feel like you never have enough time and you’re super unproductive? 

Maybe you find yourself procrastinating and not moving forward as quickly as you would like?

Maybe it’s your lack of clarity and direction that is keeping you stuck? 

Maybe you’re wondering if you can ever make good money doing what you love?

Maybe you’re in avoidance around your finances and struggle to keep on top of them? 

Maybe you find yourself self-sabotaging and playing small? 

Imagine having all these things. Imagine having a mindset that supported you instead of holding you back. Imagine having systems & processes in place that helped you fly in your business and underpinned your growth. 

How would that feel?
It would feel joyful, vibrant, energising, expansive, fun, powerful and empowering.
It would feel like abundant money and opportunities flowing into your business.
It would feel like absolute pride in what you’re doing.
It would feel so good!

Hey, I’m Sophie.

I’m a passionate and committed business coach & mentor for female solopreneurs. 

As a solopreneur myself, I can honestly say I know exactly how you are feeling. After discovering coaching in 2017, self-funding my qualification and side-hustling my way into running my own business full time in 2019, I’ve been through all the ups and downs. 

I’ll be honest – I still do! This is the reality of entrepreneurship – or solopreneurship – it’s a constantly evolving, moving beast.

This is why, at all the different stages of my business journey,  I have invested time, energy and resources into mentors and coaches to help supercharge my own process of stepping up. And in so doing, continue to build the authentic life and business I truly desire.

I believe that huge amounts of fulfilment, freedom, flexibility and financial abundance are available to us through our businesses. And in achieving all these things, we (and our loved ones around us) will experience life on this planet in a much more joyful and expanded way.

I also believe that by serving my female solopreneur community and helping them to be and do better in their businesses (and lives), they in turn will be able to serve their own clients even more deeply which creates this outward ever-expanding ripple effect of positive impact.

This is why I do what I do. This is why I am so passionate about the STEP-UP process.

Now, as Mother to my little girl Delilah and running my second business (Alt Collective), I have even more energy, dedication and commitment to this mission. 


How it works

I work with a select number of female solopreneurs on a 1:1 basis. When you come on board as a 1:1 coaching client with me, you’re not just getting coaching – you’re getting an experience. 

You get ME and you get full support. I liken it to having a business partner – someone on the inside who gets you and your business. I like to partner with my 1:1 clients so they feel supported, loved and no longer alone.


Our coaching programme will have specific and clear goals that will be defined at the beginning of our journey together. Throughout the process, we will constantly refer to these goals being guided by them to help us get you to where you want to be.


The most powerful aspect of my 1:1 coaching is ACCOUNTABILITY. Lack of accountability can be one of the biggest challenges for us solopreneurs so I make sure this is a key pillar in how we work together. Every session we have, I take detailed notes and we agree on follow up actions at the end.


In between sessions, you have WhatsApp access to me for top-up coaching, support and accountability. At the beginning of every session, we then review your actions from the previous session, discuss your progress, understand what is holding you back and celebrate your wins


Alongside the 1:1 coaching and WhatsApp support, I also give you access to a host of resources I have created especially to help you STEP UP in your business both on the mindset and strategy side.

What we'll cover

My 1:1 coaching programmes are completely tailored to your needs. At the beginning of our journey together, we will map out your coaching journey. 

Some of the common coaching topics I cover in the STEP-UP programme include:

  • Powerful time management tools that will get you working smart
  • Money mindset overhaul - reprogramming subconscious beliefs that are limiting you and holding you back 
  • How to cultivate an abundant mindset
  • Defining an abundant exciting expansive vision 
  • Getting clear on the goals that will help you reach your vision
  • Project management - helping you build the habit of getting shit done in your business
  • Gaining clarity on an authentic business model and strategy
  • A detailed plan of action to grow your business
  • A chance to refine current offerings and develop new ones
  • Conversations and coaching around how to increase your prices and connect to your self worth 
  • Defining and reconnecting to your ideal client
  • Review of your marketing & sales processes
  • Streamlining processes & systems
  • Accountability to keep going through the ups and down, challenges and setbacks
  • How to truly build a long term sustainable entrepreneurial mindset and business.

This sounds great – I’m ready to STEP UP!


Who this isn't for

This isn’t for you if:

You are not ready for change: the very premise of coaching is change. If you are not ready to commit to change, do new things, get out of your comfort zone – then this programme isn’t for you. 

You do not have a business yet/ you’re still in start-up mode: I have a SET IT UP programme specially designed for women in the early start-up phases of their business. This stage throws up different challenges and as such, I work with these ladies in a different way. Please check out the SET IT UP programme here

Your business isn’t earning money yet: this programme is for established female solopreneurs who have money coming in and who are able to invest in the STEP-UP process. 



My signature coaching programme is designed to help female solopreneurs step-up and reach the next level in their life and business.

When I partner with you on a 1:1 basis, you are getting a full experience of accountability, support and love.

Included in the programme is:

1 x 90-minute kickstart session
Followed by 60-minute coaching sessions twice a month
High-level support in-between sessions through email/ voice note – like you’ve got a business partner 🙂


3-month programme
£750/ month for 3 months
1 x instalment of £2,250

6-month programme
£712.50/ month for 6 months
1 x instalment of £4,275
5% discount on the 3-month pricing.

12-month programmes are available on an invite-only basis to women who have already worked with Sophie.



When can we start? 

Depending on my availability and waitlist, programmes can usually start within a month of applying. 

Do you have any case studies of your other clients? 

Absolutely. I’ve shared a number of case studies on my blog – check them out here.



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