How your period can impact your business and tips for you to manage it!

How is it that after 15+ years of having a period, I am still surprised by the way it impacts me? 

Last week, I was feeling low and unmotivated. I was questioning everything about my business. Was I on the right track? What should I be doing instead? Why am I feeling like this?

I really got in my own head. 

Then, I came on my period! And it clicked and I remembered; in the week leading up to my period, my hormones wreak havoc with me and always make me feel like this!

Having been pregnant and breastfeeding for the last 18 months, I’ve not had a period. Whilst there are a bunch of hormones pumping through your body during this time, it’s not the same as the cyclical ups and downs of a normal period. 

A few months ago, I stopped breastfeeding. Since then, I’ve had a few periods but I’m still getting back into the rhythm of it.

It’s such a reminder to me that many women in business, myself included, are impacted by our period. And not just our period, but hormones in general – for women who no longer have a period, menopause has its own whole host of impacts!

And when you’re a solopreneur, it really does have a significant impact. 

Last week, I was distracted, lacked energy and was controlled by self-doubt, which meant I stopped showing up and struggled to make decisions or take action.

So this morning, I added to my calendar a reminder for when the week before my future periods will be. I use Moody to track mine. I find it a really useful and supportive app, and a great way to see what different phase I am in at any given time.  

Each month, during the week before my period, I am also going to take the following actions to reduce its impact on me: 

  • Be extra kind and compassionate
  • Try not to book in sales calls/ events
  • Really connect to my affirmations
  • Have relaxing baths
  • Appropriate exercise (more gentle rather than high intensity)
  • See loved ones
  • Make sure I have a good morning routine
  • Cold showers 

Does this resonate with you? How do your hormones impact you in your business? What action are you going to take after reading this?