How I worked with my client to transform her mindset

One of my clients had a pretty rough 2021. She felt lost, lacked motivation and was truly stuck in a scarcity/ lack mindset. 

This was showing up in her day-to-day in many ways; she couldn’t make decisions as she was second-guessing everything, she was fearful of things not working out and not making enough money, she would procrastinate by sitting in her email inbox most of the week and endlessly flick through Instagram, she didn’t feel ‘good enough’, which meant she wasn’t showing up for her community and sharing her message. 

She would say and think things like; ‘I have to do this…’, ‘There’s no point me trying that as it won’t work…’, ‘I can’t approach that person and ask to be on their podcast because I’ve got nothing to share of value…’

She was low, frustrated, often tearful and became desperate to feel different.  

And here came the crucial moment – she wanted to feel different. She recognised in herself a DESIRE FOR CHANGE. This is the spark that is required to ignite the fire of transformation. 

So, she allowed that spark to catch fire and invested in herself 🔥

Our coaching sessions have had a strong emphasis on MINDSET coupled with some simple yet highly effective shifts in her STRATEGY. 

Mindset coaching

On the mindset side, we have been dedicated to helping her create unwavering self-belief. Everything comes from here. When you start to BELIEVE in yourself, your whole energy shifts. You FEEL different. You feel alive, energised, motivated and powerful. You know that what you have to share is of value and can help people. You are committed to serving others, using your unique talents. 

How did we do this? 

One of the most powerful tools I use with my clients to shift their mindset is the ‘how to become the highest possible version of yourself’ tool. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Open your journal on a new page
  2. At the top, write down your name followed by the date one year from now e.g.  if it’s March 2023 you would write down March 2024 
  3. Next, draw a visual representation of yourself in the middle of the page. Feel free to draw a basic stick person or get super artistic! 
  4. Next to your drawing, write down the heading ‘Beliefs’ and then write the abundant, loving, positive belief systems that the ‘future you’ is displaying. Whatever self-doubt/ negative thoughts have been showing up for you recently, create a positive opposite new belief system to overcome this. 
  5. Then, write down the heading ‘Feels’ and list the abundant, loving, positive feelings that you are going to commit to. 
  6. Finally, write down the heading ‘Behaves’ next to your drawing. Re-read your ‘beliefs’ and ‘feels’ sections and ask yourself, “When I think and feel like that, how do I then behave?”. Write down what comes up for you. 

Use this FREE downloadable worksheet to complete this task

Here’s an example to bring this to life:

Gemma 2022


  • Believes and knows she is great at what she does/ believes she is capable/ believes that she can truly help people through her work/ believes she is worthy of charging £X. 


  • Confident, playful, powerful, abundant, sexy, resourceful, peaceful.


  • Gemma 2022 excitedly and authentically shares about what she does with her community and people she meets, she is super organised and committed to planning in her business, she has an abundant money mindset and is confident sharing her prices with potential clients, she is proactive and networks with great energy. 

My client experienced a real shift when we did this. I actually also did this exercise in my quarterly vision and goals workshop and had some amazing feedback from the attendees on it as well. 

Once she completed it, I got her to stick it up on her wall, so she could have the visual reminder. Now, whenever she feels herself slipping back into the mindset of 2021,  she conjures the 2022 image, feelings and emotions into her mind and consciously chooses to create from that place instead. 

Your turn… If you want to be that person who earns £100k in the next year, quits their corporate career to finally go solo in the business of their dreams or launches that new programme, do the above exercise and ask yourself these complementary questions: 

  • What do you need to do differently to become that person?
  • How would it feel to earn that £100k/ quit your job/ launch that programme?
  • How can you start channeling that energy right now? 
  • What does the person who earns £100k/ quits their job/ launched that programme think? How do they behave? Start doing it!!

Strategy coaching

On the strategy side, we’ve spent some time working on her schedule. Time management is a CRUCIAL contributor to your success as a female solopreneur (even more so if you’re a mother)! We talked through what was working, what wasn’t and created a schedule that helped maximise her efficiency. 

Check out this insta post for some more on time management

Here, I’ve only shared two of the areas we’ve focussed on in our coaching, but we’ve also explored heaps more. We’ve been doing some serious work on her money mindset and financial habits; we’ve created some loving boundaries around her email management and scheduling and we’ve got crystal clear on her goals and timelines for the year, which has helped her to be more productive and start moving towards her goals. 

What are you taking away from this case study? How can you use this story to enhance and improve your own experience?

Are you ready to make it happen within your business? Book in a discovery call with me and let’s chat!