How I worked together with my coaching client to powerfully shift her money mindset and transform the way she felt


“I worry that if I increase my prices, my clients will think that it’s too expensive” 

A coaching client of mine wanted to increase her prices (in fact, lots of the women I work with end up increasing their prices 😉). She had many practical reasons as to why it was valid to do this; she had become more qualified, gained more experience and she had invested in systems, processes and outsourcing which had improved the experience for her clients. Yet, she felt icky. She was worried about how it would be received and was doing some serious procrastination!. 


Through the process of talking out loud about this in our session, I noticed that she kept referring to her services as ‘expensive’. This belief that her services were ‘expensive’ was impacting her perspective and the way she felt. 

I pointed this out to her and she realised just how damaging this way of thinking was. 

We worked together to transform the way she felt about the value of her services and the way she talked about her services – reframing the language from expensive instead to an investment

She took on the powerful new mantra of; ‘my services are an INVESTMENT for my clients’

This shifted her whole energy and, in a moment, her beliefs too. 

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My client reinforced this new belief system with action…. 

  • She fully embodied being proud and confident in the service she was delivering by connecting to the value she offered 
  • This helped her to feel at peace with the price increase which helped her to take the main action of communicating the increase to her clients 
  • She updated all the copy on her website in relation to pricing 
  • She now uses the word ‘investment’ when talking about the cost of her services both to herself and her clients

This simple yet powerful shift ultimately meant that my client was able to make money doing impactful work that she loves.  


The language we use (both when we’re talking out loud and our inner dialogue) is SO important and reflects the deeper beliefs we have about ourselves and our business.

Notice the language you are using when you are thinking about and talking about money in your business and life. Simply changing the language you use can help transform your money mindset.

Shift any damaging language and take on powerful, abundant new mantras like the one above. 

What came up for you as you read this?

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