I used to skip around London meeting new people, attending events and expanding my network. It was one of the key drivers to the early success of my business. 

Obviously right now, this isn’t possible…

Add to this the fact I am a SOLO-preneur, and it can make the journey a little lonely. This is why at the end of last year I set up the Make It Happen membership in response to the challenges I and my female solopreneur clients face both as business owners and as a result of Covid: loneliness and accountability.

Earlier this year, I spoke with Andy Martin from The Independent in more detail about how I came up with Make It Happen and why now, more than ever, CONNECTION, DIRECTION, INSPIRATION and SUPPORT from others is so important.


Do you have dreams of building your coaching/ wellness side-hustle or business but you’re… Feeling OVERWHELMED? Struggling to find TIME to commit to your hustle? Not sure WHERE TO START?

Have you already launched your startup but you’re… in need of CLARITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and STRUCTURE? Or someone to hold your hand or kick your ass into action?

The Make It Happen membership was specifically designed with you in mind!

“”I highly recommend my brilliant business coach Sophie Clyde-Smith’s Make It Happen Membership for all those who are self-employed. Having weekly virtual meetings with other like-minded entrepreneurs is so motivating and Sophie supports and guides us to stay on track and achieve our goals. I’m so grateful for this!” Becca, Founding Member of Make It Happen

My goal is to empower and support you to turn your business dreams into a reality. I have experienced the personal benefits first hand of building a successful business and I LOVE helping other womxn experience this too ✨

Every Monday this group of inspiring ladies and I get together to check-in with their goals from the week before with their accountability partners, celebrate their successes, plan for the week ahead and network with each other. 

Not only do we have a weekly check-in, we also have a monthly big picture workshop that helps you to zoom out in your business, plan ahead and gain clarity & direction for the coming month. 

Together we will all MAKE IT HAPPEN 👊🏼

Are you ready to make it happen within your business? Join my Make It Happen membership monthly check-in. The first call is free, so you really have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.