Business planning is the key to success in your business.

There’s a lot to learn for new solopreneurs. Not only are you crafting your expertise as a specialist in your field, suddenly you also have to be a business owner

Stepping into and owning this identity can be pretty daunting. You’ve got a lot of new hats to wear; marketing, operations, legal, finance, sales, product development… the list goes on. This isn’t even including the delivery of your awesome services – which ultimately was the main driving factor and motivation to going self-employed. 

If we’re honest, not many of us go self-employed for the love of website admin, sorting out privacy policies and doing bank reconciliations. All these extra bits, which are essential to support the growth and development of the business, is what we get on with so we are able to go out there and HELP and SERVE people using our unique talents and strengths. 

I’ve been coaching people for 4 years and I’ve officially been a solopreneur for over 2 years now – 6 months of that time was spent building out my side-hustle on the side of my full-time job. 

I’ve built a successful and thriving business, I coach people 1:1, I run a group coaching mastermind, do corporate work, I have brand partnerships with the likes of Sweaty Betty and recently featured in the Huffington Post. 

What have been the key drivers of my success? And the success of the female solopreneurs that I coach? 

Yep, you have to hone your craft, be great at what you do. You have to show up and build a recognisable brand. You have to get comfortable with selling yourself and above all, you need to cultivate self-belief. You have GOT this!

But underpinning it all is what I want to talk to you about today…. BUSINESS PLANNING. 


“If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t.” Chuck Palahnuik. 

Meaning, if you don’t gain clarity on what you’re aiming for, you will lack direction, feel stuck, lost and you will end up getting a whole lot of what you dont want. Or a whole lot of what you didn’t intend. Sound familiar? 

What I want, and what I am aiming for, is to make sure this doesn’t happen to the solopreneurs out there in my community. I have the talents and strengths to help you make sure you start focussing in on what you want – and the inevitable outcome of this is that you then start taking action and achieving it!

Business planning is one of the KEY skills you, as a solopreneur, need to learn. Every quarter, I want you to be doing your 90-day plan (book recommendation: the 12 week year). This 90-day plan will inform your monthly plan, which will inform your weekly and daily plan. 

And then suddenly, you’ve got a clear action plan every day! The holy grail for every lost and lacking clarity solopreneur. Finally! You know what you’re doing and WHY. Whoop whoop – its party time. 

This may seem a little overboard to some but I have been there. I know what it feels like for the days and weeks, sometimes months, to roll by without a plan. Without feeling connected to bigger goals… It feels rubbish. 

It feels like you’re not progressing, like you’re not good enough, like everyone else is passing you by and you’re stuck. Stuck in your email inbox, stuck doing the day to day and stuck getting the same poor results. 

And the sad thing is this business skill, or lack thereof, prevents you from being able to SERVE. It stops you from connecting in with all those people out there who NEED you. 

And the solution is simple: get sh*t hot at business planning. And I am that solution!

I LOVE helping female solopreneurs clarify their dreams and goals. It’s what I’ve been doing with my clients for the past few years, its what I’ve been doing for myself and now I want to do it for you. 

For the first time ever, I am offering these intensive business planning sessions as a one-off. Previously only my long term clients had access to this support but I want YOU to benefit from this coaching without having to invest in a full programme. 

Let me be clear, gaining clarity on your dreams and goals can sound, and be, fluffy in some coaching realms. Not in mine. I have a tried and tested system, you will be leaving with clear outcomes and achievable action tasks. It’s my passion to help you feel focussed and motivated again. 


Spaces are super limited as I am only opening up a few slots of my calendar and it is literally a first come first serve basis. 

How does it work: 

  • 2-hour 1:1 business planning session – zoom call with yours truly 😀
  • 90-day business plan will be completed together
  • Session recorded
  • Notes shared after
  • 30-minute zoom call follow up within 2-weeks for accountability and further questions
  • Email access to be between sessions

What you will achieve

  • Our time together will supercharge your clarity, motivation and self-belief. 
  • You will have a clear action plan to get you to the end of the next quarter. 
  • You will have a clear roadmap to success and know what you need to do to start seeing results. 


£449 – this is the first time anyone has been able to access my services at this rate.
I am going ALL out and am absolutely laser focussed on helping you smash your next quarter. 

  • Want to earn £15k in the next 90 days? Let’s make it happen!
  • Want to map out a new programme to launch in January? We will do it. 
  • Not sure what you want? It’s time to commit! 

“Sophie provided a space for me to dig deeper and move through the blocks I was experiencing.  This has resulted in me gaining the confidence to take positive action towards my goals.  I have now launched my own side hustle business and already landed 4 clients in a short space of time.” Camilla – Side-Hustler & Solopreneur

– spaces are limited. 

Got questions? Email me and let’s discuss: [email protected]. 

I am super excited to support you – take positive action right now and let’s do this together.