Are you treating your business with the love and care it deserves?

Imagine if your business was your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife / partner / significant other…

How would you describe your relationship? 

Are you madly in love? Are you running steady and strong? Are you a bit bored? Are you having some bust ups? Have you fallen out of love with each other? 

Once you’ve reflected on that, let me ask you this: how have you been showing up in your (business) relationship? 

What role have you been playing? 

When I first read about this analogy (in this awesome book), I had a real aha moment…

Because I’ve definitely not been treating my business very kindly. I haven’t been giving it the love it deserves. I’ve been neglecting it. I’ve been distant, un-present and I’ve been focussing on all its negatives. 

Yet I’ve been expecting it to deliver what I want? Not cool.

No wonder I haven’t been getting the results I desire! 

I would never treat my husband in this way – so why should I treat my business like this? 

So, I did some soul-searching and I asked myself: why do I love my business? And came out with so much good stuff…

  • I love my business because it gives me such incredible freedom and flexibility. I am in total control (which can be challenging in itself) but ultimately is such an honour to have. Especially with a little one. 
  • I love my business because it gives me creative control and freedom – I get to follow my curiosities and passions for my job. How cool is that?!
  • I love my business because I get to support incredible women, women who totally inspire me and help me to be a better person/ business owner. 
  • I love my business because I’m using my own unique set of talents and experience to help women. Again, what an honour! 

The list did go on but I think you get the picture. 

Yes of course, there are aspects of my business that frustrate me, it’s not all sunshine and roses. That is just life! All relationships have their ups and downs and no one is perfect. But this isn’t about focussing on the (totally normal) negatives – I’ve done enough of that recently. 

Instead I am choosing to focus on the positives. I am being kind, respectful and giving my business the time, energy and love it deserves. 

Through doing this exercise, I’ve had a complete shift in my energy. I’m basically having a bit of a love fest with my business. Now, I acknowledge – with conviction – that I truly do love my business. Warts and all. 

All of this has helped me to feel so much more motivated, focussed and inspired. And I have to tell you, motivation has really been lacking the last few months. 

Like all relationships that have gone through a rough patch, it will take time and conscious effort to get back to where we were. But I know that if I continue to consistently shower my business with love, over time, we will be stronger than ever. 

So here’s my challenge to you: have your very own love-fest with your business. Remind yourself why you love it so much. Imagine you are in a romantic relationship with it and treat it accordingly. 

Side note….

You may do this exercise and realise there are aspects of your business, or maybe even your whole business, that you do want to break up with. 

There may be a programme that you’re running that you’ve fallen out of love with or a service that doesn’t feel like you anymore. 

And whilst this may be hard to accept, nothing good comes from staying in a broken relationship. So have a think about the action you may need to take to move forward in a positive way. 

For all those who realise they do love their business, share with me all the reasons WHY you do. I would be so inspired to hear them! 

It’s all about the P-D-B-A’s people! (Public displays of business affection). 


Do you need help falling back in love with your business? Book your free discovery call with me and let me help you reconnect to WHY you started your business in the first place. Each of us deserves to have our own love-fest with our business! ❤️