Why we all must start embracing and celebrating our successes… and the success of others!

Recently, I noticed I wasn’t practising what I preach! I regularly talk to my clients and community about the importance of celebrating every win and recognising how far they’ve come, but I wasn’t doing it myself!

Along with my Co-Founder, I hosted a fantastic event for the launch of my new business Alt Collective but after the event, I felt a bit empty. Not because I was disappointed with the event, but because I wasn’t allowing myself to feel proud.

When people shared with me how fantastic they felt the event was, I replied ‘yeah but, if the second event goes well – that’s when we really know we’ve made it’. I was stuck in a lack mindset. That sense of accomplishment, that warmth and joy were missing simply because I wasn’t letting myself acknowledge all the hard work and great feedback. 

Does this resonate with you? As a female solopreneur, do you allow yourself to celebrate? Or are you onto the next thing straight away and attaching ‘yeh buts’ to your achievements? 

A recent poll to my audience revealed that 97%  struggle to celebrate! As a business coach, I feel as if I am on the frontline, so to speak, of this pandemic of not celebrating. So, I feel compelled to help all of us cultivate a habit of celebrating and strengthen our positive focus muscle.

Here’s why it’s so important to celebrate your own successes

It helps us:

  • Grow our business; when we allow ourselves to recognise how awesome we are, it creates positive feelings and emotions within us. We feel pride, joy, triumph and elation. These positive emotions encourage us and make us FEEL GOOD. This good mood converts into energy, determination and focus, drivings us to create more of what made us feel good to begin with. The positive cycle is reinforced and your business grows. Win-win. 
  • Deal with overwhelm; there is a never-ending list of tasks and actions to take when you run a business. It can sometimes feel like your job will never be done. By ticking off tasks and recognising your progress, you create a sense of momentum, of moving forward. If not, you can be engulfed by a sense of overwhelm and confusion which leads to procrastination. In this frame of mind, you’re never going to turn your dreams into a reality. Also, by setting goals (big and small) and ticking them off as you achieve them, you create more of that good feeling I mentioned above. 
  • Practice self-love; What’s it all for? Really, what is the point? Why did you set up your business? What is this all for? Yes, to help others…. But also, to create a fulfilling and rewarding life for yourself too, I’m hoping?! Never stopping to smell the roses and give yourself that metaphorical hug is just plain sad. Celebrating you is a form of self-love – and we could all do with a dose of that 
  • Help others; the process of personal development is not an easy road; it takes effort and conscious awareness. But committing to new habits like celebrating your successes will ultimately help you to be a better person. You can role model to your friends, family and children the skill of self-celebration and in turn, help them to cultivate the powerful habit themselves. Radiate that self-love and it will inspire others to do the same. 

Hopefully, I’m getting through to you the importance of this. Personally, I know I am taking notice and turning this awareness into action…

The beauty of all of this is that it is SO easy to actually do! All you need to do is shift your frame of mind. Flick the switch and allow yourself to feel proud.

The hard part however is continuing to do it and forming the habit.

This is where I come in! I’m making it my mission to cultivate a habit of celebrating for myself and my community #cultivatingcelebrating

Cultivating Celebrating Campaign

Embrace your successes

Every Friday I will be celebrating myself and I want you to do the same. On my stories, I will share my win of the week and invite you to ‘Add Yours’ to the thread, so we can build a chain of celebration.

At the end of each month, I’ll also remind you to reflect and celebrate your win of the month.

Embrace others successes

It’s so important that we also learn to embrace the success of others. Be inspired and motivated by the success of the female solopreneurs around us. See their success as a possibility for ourselves and how far we too can go. Remember if they can do it, so can you, because success isn’t finite!

So, once a month I will be spotlighting and celebrating an awesome female solopreneur through my newsletter – Make It Happen monthly. Sign up here to join us in celebrating each other and please let me know of any women who inspire you that we should all know about. 

Here is to all of you. You are all doing an amazing job. You are all incredible women and I am so proud of each and every one of you!

I give you permission to be very proud of yourself. I can’t wait to cultivate this new habit of celebrating together!

Are you ready to make it happen within your business? Book in a discovery call with me and let’s chat!