How shiny object syndrome (SOS) is holding you back in your business.

Repeat the mantra: don’t do more, do what you’re doing but better.

Keep reading to discover what shiny object syndrome is, how it could be holding you back as an entrepreneur and why doing less can help you achieve more. 

The Essence of Being an Entrepreneur

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a solopreneur a.k.a solo-entrepreneur a.k.a entrepreneur. Or you are aspiring to be one. Either way, you have that entrepreneurial spirit. 

This entrepreneurial spirit can manifest itself in the form of ideas. We can get regular downloads, we think of new ways of doing things, new approaches, new goals, new products, new services etc. A sometimes constant flow of fresh new energy. It’s a classic entrepreneurial characteristic.

Does this resonate with you? Do you identify with this entrepreneurial trait?

This characteristic is a huge strength of ours – it’s the lifeblood of our businesses, moving us forward, keeping us fresh and energised.

If left unchecked however, it can also be one of our biggest weaknesses…

This entrepreneurial characteristic can manifest itself as shiny object syndrome (SOS); a continual state of distraction brought on by an ongoing belief that there is something new worth pursuing. Source

When you read the definition above, did you have a strong sense of recognition? I certainly did when I read it! I most definitely identify with the trait of having a lot of ideas. 

Here’s how SOS has shown up (and hindered me) in my entrepreneurial journey so far…

My first case of SOS

Four years ago, I started my side-hustle alongside my full time job. Six months laters, I had quit my full-time job and I entered life as a full-time solopreneur. I started off offering career coaching. This quickly evolved into also offering side-hustle coaching, life coaching, female leadership coaching, executive coaching and I also offered consultancy services. 

One serious case of SOS! 

I had spread myself too thin. What I call ‘horizontal’ work. I was having a minimal amount of impact across all the different areas which was making it hard to build traction. I was working a LOT of hours and I was on the brink of burnout. 

This case of SOS was solved by deciding on a niche: female solopreneur business coaching. 

Although I had lots of ideas of how to help female leaders, executives etc and I was able to serve them, I wasn’t able to expand and build on my services as I didn’t have the time. 

By choosing a smaller niche, I could build out products and services that were targeted and specifically designed to help female solopreneurs.  Not only that, it enabled me to build a stronger brand as I was only speaking to one audience. 

Another case of SOS has emerged more recently….

In the last year alone,I have explored the following ideas; setting up a podcast, starting a business Pinterest account, creating an online course, running a day conference-style event in London, adding on a new instagram account, female leadership coaching (again) and more! 

These are on top of all the ideas I have on a daily basis in relation to things like marketing/ helping my coaching clients/ personal development. It’s downright exhausting sometimes to be honest! But I learned my lesson from that first year of business I shared above. So, instead of letting this characteristic run rampant and doing ALL the things, I have forced myself to have a year of consolidation, instead of generation. 

I have focused my entrepreneurial energy and efforts on not doing more new things, but instead on doing what I’m already doing, but better. 

What has this looked like for me in my business? 

  • Sticking to some basic marketing goals; 1 newsletter a week, 2-3 instagram posts a week. Consistency. Building strong foundations and habits before I layer anything else on. Nothing fancy or new. I needed to prove to myself I could just stick to these basic goals. I also needed to build that trust with my audience too. 
  • Improving current services: instead of offering a new course/ programme/ service I’ve vowed to make my current ones better. I’ve been gathering feedback and will refine my business offering
  • Improving sales processes; I’ve worked on my digital sales & marketing strategy, updated my software systems and added in new methods of tracking and staying in touch.
  • Website tweaks; SEO optimisation, improving the user experience and updating copy so it’s reflective of my current brand. Not so sexy but it really is worth it. 
  • New photos; I’ve not had a branding shoot in years (since I was pregnant!), so I had a fantastic shoot with Britta Marie! 

Doing less can help you and your business achieve more!

I know that the time will come in the not too distant future when I’ll take action on one of my new ideas and layer it on to my business. When it does, I will be absolutely confident that I have done everything I can with what I am already doing.

I will be layering it onto a business with strong foundations, instead of layering it on top of flimsy foundations that haven’t had the opportunity to fully establish themselves.

It’s your turn to reflect now. 

What is your SOS story? How has it been showing up in your business? Are you also a queen of business ideas? Are there any areas of your business that, upon reflection, you know that you should improve before moving forward with any new plans?!?  

Are you suffering with SOS? Book a power hour session with me to strategically review your business and create a plan to get you back on track .