Corporate Social Responsibility

The moment I set up my own business I realised that I had the control to choose exactly what I invested my time and energy into. I knew that I had a chance to give back to the community, in my own unique way.

After researching many charities, all doing incredible work, I found The House of St Barnabas; a charity that helps London’s homeless back into work. It’s social enterprise members’ club and Employment Academy exist to break the cycle of homelessness.

Living in London, homelessness is a challenge that I witness on a daily basis – this, coupled with my passion in supporting people with their careers, led me to reach out to this particular charity in April 2019.

It just so happened that the charity was about to launch a brand new 5-year strategy focussed on helping the graduates of their Employment Academy into ‘better work’ so I decided to give my time to the charity and offered my services to them one day/month.

I have had the honour of helping shape the brand new career coaching support the charity is offering, advising on best practice and development. I have also had the opportunity to coach some inspiring individuals working with them one-on-one supporting them with their unique challenges and aspirations.

Please read more about the fantastic work The House of St Barnabas are doing by visiting their website.